Actuarial, Risk Finance and Data Science solutions

Here’s a selection of the solutions that have emerged from combining our knowledge and skills

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Your URM challenge is solved with an application that allows you to quickly and accurately perform the prescribed calculations and then derive the three amounts for all your participants.

Claims Management

As an insurer, you want better returns from your portfolio and you are looking beyond just the pricing. After all, competition in the insurance market is increasing, putting pressure on your premiums and profitability.

Contract negotiations

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the insurance and pension world, we strengthen your starting position in future contract negotiations.

Change-over to a defined contribution scheme

By switching from an average pay scheme to a defined contribution scheme, you keep the pension costs manageable and affordable.

ORSA Tooling

ORSA provides the insurer and its shareholders insight into the relationship between strategy, material risks, and the possible consequences for the financial position. The right tooling ensures an efficient and adequate assessment.

Premiums for Non-life Insurers

The non-life insurance market is shrinking and domestic and foreign competition is increasing. As a result, setting the premiums for your insurance products is crucial to stay in the race.

ORSA Advice

A good Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA) process provides insight into the feasibility of your strategy and the impact on your financial results and capital position. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your risk profile.

IORP II Risk Governance Scan

Competition in the insurance market has increased sharply, putting necessary pressure on your business operations. You need to save costs because of the pressure on premiums.

Pension Funds Certification

We can be of service to pension funds even with high-quality and price-sensitive actuarial certification.

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