Actuarial, Risk Finance and Data Science solutions

Here’s a selection of the solutions that have emerged from combining our knowledge and skills

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Portfolio Monitor

Continuous, up-to-date insight into the performance of your portfolio is crucial for a strong competitive position. Increase your organisation’s agility with the Triple A Portfolio Monitor.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) study

Defining and underpinning long-term policy requires an overall consideration of policy instruments and the impact of choices on risks and returns. An ALM study provides a solid foundation for this.

Risk Monitor for insurers

As part of the enhanced supervision of insurers’ risk profiles and solvency positions, risk reports are mandatory. Triple A’s interactive online Risk Monitor allows you to turn this obligation into an advantage.

Climate risk

Using the Carbon Risk Scan we make the impact of climate and transition risks concrete and transparent. You can identify the risks and integrate them directly into your strategic policy considerations.

Net Capital Generation

Optimal and up-to-date insight into NCG (Net Capital Generation) helps with making policy choices in areas such as premium setting, reinsurance, product portfolio and investment mix.

Continuous Improvement Data Driven

Our Data Driven Continuous Improvement proposition helps you make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights. This allows you to more efficiently optimise and organise all processes in your value chain

Actuarial function insurers

We perform the actuarial function based on early knowledge of relevant updates of regulations and important signals from the market with the goal of preventing unexpected surprises for you as an insurer.

scenarios that are forward-looking

Our unique forward-looking scenarios enable clients to develop a long-term vision based on realistic data.

Uniform Calculation Method (URM) Introduction

Your URM challenge is solved with an application that allows you to quickly and accurately perform the prescribed calculations and then derive the three amounts for all your participants.

Claims Management

As an insurer, you want better returns from your portfolio and you are looking beyond just the pricing. After all, competition in the insurance market is increasing, putting pressure on your premiums and profitability.

Author: Twan Possen

Sustainability & ORSA

The presentation slides “Sustainability: Explanation of EIOPA’s latest advice and practical guide to integrating transition risks into ORSA and investment decision-making” are not only of interest to our Luxembourg colleagues. Download them here!

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Author: Ridzert van der Zee

SDG Integrated Investing

Stakeholders of financial institutions demand that the objectives of SDG are an integral part of the product. Triple A – Risk Finance, Innorbis and LINKS Analytics developed a model to apply SDG integrally in the investment cycle.

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Author: Pieter Marres

Chaining in Python and R

Chaining is a powerful construct supported both by Python and R. Feel free to try it yourself, code and data can be found here.

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