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Model Quick Scan

Models: for insurers and pension funds, they are crucial for business operations. At the same time, the model landscape is constantly changing due to, among other things, changes in legislation and regulations and changes in the client portfolio. As a result, the model landscape can become quite complex over time.

Triple A has therefore developed the Model Quick Scan: a tailor-made analysis of the current model landscape, with which we give advice on the current situation in relation to the target architecture.

Two research directions are possible, which are explained below:

  1. Advice on current situation (detailed investigation or at a higher level); and/or
  2. Reconsideration of the chosen software.

Advice on the current situation

Based on our extensive domain knowledge, IT knowledge and experiences in the pension and insurance sector, we analyse the current model landscape. The result is a report containing our specific findings and a proposal with practical solutions to gradually (better) align with the target architecture.

The advice starts with an inventory of the current situation. This phase can consist of interviews with employees and reviewing available documentation and models. The results of this inventory are then processed by our experts. After analyzing the results, we identify areas for improvement, partly tested against peer experiences and best practices. We outline possible solutions and concrete steps to get here.

You can choose between an detailed report and a high-level report. The detailed report contains additional insights into the current model landscape, with, for example, a detailed view of current lead times and insight into bottlenecks. In the high-level variant, these results are recorded in a shortened, high-over report in which we naturally take the same knowledge into account, but elaborate in less detail.

Reevaluate the chosen software

As a software-independent party with a lot of experience in different programming languages, we can map out the impact of a possible transition to a different (actuarial) software package for you.

After consultation with you, the most important decision criteria for your situation are first determined and the potentially interesting software packages are selected for the comparison. A report is then drawn up for the resulting combinations, in which all advantages and disadvantages for this specific situation are mapped out.

The result enables a clear comparison of the different packages, which can serve as a basis for an open discussion and a well-founded choice.

Also interested in what a Model Quick Scan might look like for you? We are happy to help! Feel free to contact our Actuarial Technology business line for an exploratory conversation without any obligations.

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