About us

About us

We are an independent and innovative consultancy firm specialised in risk management and actuarial science. We work for insurers, pension funds, pension administrators, banks, and businesses with a wide range of concerns. As a trusted advisor we identify and advise on risks and opportunities as part of a strategy to be realised. We do this with clear results-oriented agreements and practical knowledge transfer. We work closely with our clients in multidisciplinary teams and are happy to share our expertise. Our mission: that after we have played our part the client is able to continue working independently.

‘Make a difference’

In 2006, co-founder Roel van Besouw saw a gap in the market: none of the risk management consultants did strategy and implementation. From the beginning, we’ve not only provided strategic advice but also proved our expertise and involvement with the actual implementations. In addition, we support you with explanations, training and tooling. The total solution package we offer is: strategy, practice, and knowledge transfer.

In 2014, Triple A – Risk Finance joined forces with Talent&Pro, the largest secondment provider in the financial services sector. This resulted in Redmore Group where Triple A and Talent&Pro operate independently and serve clients together. Since then, Profource, specialists in Finance & Control and ERP services, and Redmore Group, which combines the expertise of all labels with smart software to create total solutions, have also been added. Redmore Group became part of the House of HR on 13 November 2017.

From complexity to advantage

At Triple A we employ actuaries, risk professionals and data scientists. We help our clients translate the complex reality into a business vision. We link competitive developments, market changes, and loss or profitability in an overarching framework.
We offer these services:

  • Strategy: We use current in-depth domain knowledge and financial models to clarify your business relationships. We help you determine your strategy by providing clear, data-driven insights into your risks and returns.
  • Implementation: We use KPIs and dashboards to make your projects concrete; this then provides control information needed to achieve your objectives. We also generate the accountability information for compliancy.

Consultancy, interim management, projects, certification en training

We work to meet your needs flexibly and cost-efficiently with sector-specific propositions and solutions on a project basis. Triple A provides interim management, project-based solutions and tailor-made advice. In doing so, we transfer our expertise to the client as much as possible so they can continue working independently after we have left. Our advice is highly valuable, concrete and comes with no strings attached. This is how we distinguish ourselves in both quality and speed of delivery. The end-result is that your employees will then independently control the new processes and procedures.

Business is leading

We work with the Risk & Strategy Consulting, Benefits Consulting, Actuarial, Data Analytics, Modelling and Tooling services. In practice, our services reinforce each other and operate jointly in the market. We work together with many of our clients on a long-term basis, and we strive for the best long-term results for your business. Deliverables and agreed deadlines are guiding principles. For each assignment, we formulate clear result-driven agreements for which we remain complete responsible.

ISO 27001:2013 certified

Triple A has an ISO 27001 certification, confirming that Triple A complies with the highest international standards regarding information security. This standard is geared towards the continuous management and improvement of risks and monitors processes and procedures and compliance, control, testing, and continuous improvement. In this way Triple A shows that information security is fundamental. Our clients can safely assume that their data is in good hands with us.

Active participation and knowledge transfer

Our employees are members of: The Royal Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap -AG), Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Investment Analyst Register (Register Beleggings Analist – RBA) within the Association of Investment Analysts (Vereniging van Beleggingsanalisten – VBA). They also teach at the AG, Nyenrode and at various universities.

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