Services Actuarial advice for pension funds and insurers

Actuarial advice for pension funds and insurers

Risk analysis, premium calculations, identification of capital needs and the valuation of specific insurance portfolios. As a pension fund or insurer, these are important specialist activities required to maintain a good grasp of the right balance between risk and return. To support these and other activities, Triple A offers high-quality actuarial advice in areas including process improvement. In addition, we provide strategic advice to support management decisions. Our actuarial advice links the knowledge and experience of our experts to high-quality technology and innovative models, with the mathematical and analytical understanding of our actuaries as a distinguishing feature.

Actuarial expertise

To better enable you to meet the many challenges in risk management, we offer advice based on our actuarial expertise. Our specialists combine their traditional mathematical capabilities with communication skills, flexibility and IT skills. They have the unique talent to simplify complex things.

Triple A has extensive experience in advising a diverse range of insurers, pension funds, and pension administrators. We consider current events, relevant legislation and regulations, market knowledge and data, and relevant financial, actuarial, and econometric models. Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Solvency and capitalisation issues
  • Profitability of insurance portfolios and products
  • Premium setting and rate structure
  • Market valuation methods
  • Key functions, policy, and governance
  • Solvency II en IFRS 17
  • Investment policy and Asset Liability Management (ALM)
  • Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Market and competitive analyses
  • Actuarial certification and actuarial report pension fund

Results-oriented approach

Our advice is characterised by a result-oriented approach. Clear objectives and clear planning are central, providing you with timely and effective advice tailored to the relevant issues within your organisation.

Certification is an important part of our actuarial advice for pension funds. This involves much more than simply issuing an Actuarial Statement. We assess the financial structure of your fund and the degree to which the premium paid achieves break-even. In doing so, we apply the policy framework set out in the Actuarial and Technical Business Reports Decree and, if applicable, the insurance contract. Besides the Actuarial Statement, we prepare a detailed report from the Certifying Actuary describing our findings. Our actuarial advice relates to those operational and strategic issues that are relevant and current for your organisation and employees. This is why you can count on the commitment and problem-solving capacity of our experts.

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ORSA Tooling

ORSA provides the insurer and its shareholders insight into the relationship between strategy, material risks, and the possible consequences for the financial position. The right tooling ensures an efficient and adequate assessment.

ORSA Advice

A good Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA) process provides insight into the feasibility of your strategy and the impact on your financial results and capital position. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your risk profile.

Pension Funds Certification

We can be of service to pension funds even with high-quality and price-sensitive actuarial certification.
Uniform Calculation Method (URM) Introduction

Uniform Calculation Method (URM) Introduction

Your URM challenge is solved with an application that allows you to quickly and accurately perform the prescribed calculations and then derive the three amounts for all your participants.
Asset Liability Management (ALM) studie

Premiums for Non-life Insurers

The non-life insurance market is shrinking and domestic and foreign competition is increasing. As a result, setting the premiums for your insurance products is crucial to stay in the race.
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