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The non-life insurance market is dynamic. That is why continuous, up-to-date insight into your portfolio’s performance is crucial for a strong competitive position. Opportunities to acquire that insight quickly and at any level are improving all the time. The amount of data is growing, computing power is increasing, and methods for converting data into useful insights are being refined. Additionally, ground-breaking new technology delivers innovated Visualization tools like your own interactive dashboard. The Triple A Portfolio Monitor helps you effectively evaluate and optimise your competitive position and internal processes.

The Triple A Portfolio Monitor provides insight into the market position of your products and portfolio at any desired level and frequency. A very accessible and insightful interactive dashboard is at your disposal. All analyses can be displayed graphically, visually and in report form, giving your management access to powerful control information and increasing the agility of your organisation.


Triple A Portfolio Monitor applications

Implementing the custom Triple A Portfolio Monitor results in a significant efficiency gain and is a welcome addition to existing, often Excel-based processes such as PARPs (Product Approval and Review Process). The Triple A Portfolio Monitor has several practical applications:


  • Performance monitor

Monitoring of the actuarially substantiated actual return at any desired level.

  • Competition analysis

Monitoring the competitive position at any desired level

  • Portfolio control

Providing direct insight into the KPIs, portfolio composition and customer profiles, inflow and outflow.

  • Reports

Generating standardized reports.



Implementation and commissioning takes place in three phases.

  • Phase 1: preparation of data warehouse, data enrichment and KPI fine-tuning.
  • Phase 2: calibration methods and data models (optional and depending on need).
  • Phase 3: implementation of the dashboard.

The Portfolio Monitor retrieves data from the dataset created in phase 1. You can apply this as a ‘shell’ on top of existing databases, but you can also choose to build a completely new database within the existing or to-be-created, software environment.


For your organisation too

Our customer and collaborative approach, combined with our experience in the implementation of dashboards and knowledge of insurance processes, data and actuarial models, means that we can also be of assistance for your organisation.

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