The banking world is facing enormous challenges. Tighter supervision, new standards, innovations and even stricter requirements for capital buffers, provisions, and risk profiles all require a great deal of work. This is certainly true in risk management and related data analysis issues. Our experts are happy to act as an extension of your organisation.

Do you desire vision, extra thinking capacity, skills, and concrete experience to bring current challenges to a successful conclusion within a given time? Perhaps in the area of credit risk and market risk management? Or in data management and analytics? Triple A – Risk Finance has the in-house professionals. They are always reliable, on both a strategic and an operational level.

Your work is never done

The financial services sector is going through a successful transition, focusing on new client requirements and innovative service and information processes. Digitisation successes have a major impact on your organisation and the need for knowledge. An extraordinary amount of work has already been done to comply with the stringent IFRS 9 and Basel 3 frameworks, but you are never ‘ready’. Many new directives have been announced and there are an equal number of protocols still to be issued.

Our econometric skills focus not only on strategic issues but also on operational challenges. You receive specialist support with, among other things:

  • The valuation of mortgage portfolios
  • Quantification of market risks
  • Performing stress testing
  • Improvements of cash flow models
  • Build and validate credit risk models
  • Asset & Liability Management 2.0
  • Determination of results from (complex) interest rate derivatives
  • Economic Capital optimisation

Strong in mathematical risk models

Triple A – Risk Finance has a special track record in the development, implementation, and validation of mathematical risk models that help you optimise your balance sheet. We offer in-depth knowledge of data issues and are familiar with almost all relevant tools, including C++, C#, Matlab, Python, SAS, Open Source (R), Monte Carlo, Markov and Excel/VBA.

Customised professional support

Individual support by one of our specialists or additional project support via a multidisciplinary team. Interim-consultancy or secondment. Triple A – Risk Finance offers customised support, for credit risk management, related to IFRS 9, Basel and EBA stress testing, and market risk management, which along with FRTP is an important topic within Basel 4. We also offer support in data management and business analysis. Our experienced professionals act as an extension of your organisation and you always remain in control.

We share knowledge, provide advice and optimise all data streams important for profitable risk management. You can rely on expert and pragmatic assistance to establish and anchor a structure for efficient data management and access to Big Data.

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Climate risk

Using the Carbon Risk Scan we make the impact of climate and transition risks concrete and transparent. You can identify the risks and integrate them directly into your strategic policy considerations.
Uniform Calculation Method (URM) Introduction

scenarios that are forward-looking

Our unique forward-looking scenarios enable clients to develop a long-term vision based on realistic data.
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