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Climate risk

With the increasing focus on the impact of climate change on our planet, a new risk is emerging in the investment portfolio: the climate risk. Attention for this risk is increasing, partly due to the influence of the Paris Agreement. This applies to an increasing extent to the investment portfolios of pension funds, insurers and asset managers. With the Carbon Risk Scan Triple A offers you a unique tool to map and optimally control the climate risk.

The Paris Agreement, announced worldwide on 12 December 2015, leaves no room for misunderstanding:  CO₂ emissions must be drastically reduced. Every country that has signed, including the Netherlands, has committed to this.

Economic impact of energy transition

One of the results is that attention to the ecological footprint of investment choices is increasing. Governmental policy, aimed at the transition to sustainable energy, will have consequences for the economy and in particular for the oil and gas industry and the transport sector. The real estate market is also strongly influenced by the climate challenge. Investments in property that do not meet current sustainability criteria in time or at all will decrease in value.

Climate risks therefore have a potential material impact on the investment portfolio. Longer delays in taking measures mean greater negative impacts. Triple A helps you to better structure your investment portfolio in relation to climate risks. We enable you to mitigate any negative effects.

Carbon Risk Scan identifies climate risks

We use a unique tool called the Carbon Risk Scan. We have developed this in close cooperation with Ecofys, proven experts with a broad advisory experience in energy transition. The application of the Carbon Risk Scan provides your organisation with visible results:

  • Insight into the various factors of companies (bonds and shares) and the extent to which they are susceptible to climate and transition risks;
  • Insight into the investment portfolio. Clarity as to what extent your investment portfolio can be affected by climate and/or transition risks.

Using the Carbon Risk Scan we make the impact of climate and transition risks concrete and transparent. You can identify the risks and integrate them directly into your strategic policy considerations. Triple A experts using Carbon Risk Scan have already proven its worth in many situations, including within a large-scale project for the German government.


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