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Pension Funds Certification

Actuarial Certification and Pension Fund Actuarial Report.

We can be of service to pension funds even with high-quality and price-sensitive actuarial certification. The Pensions Act stipulates that the actuary who authenticates the actuarial report must be completely independent of the pension fund.

For Triple A – Risk Finance Certification, certification means more than simply issuing an Actuarial Statement. We assess the financial structure of your fund and the extent to which the premiums paid cover your costs. In doing so, we use the policy framework set out in the Actuarial and Technical Business Report. Besides the actuarial statement, we also explain our findings in a certification report.

Procedure and activities:

We prefer to maintain contact with all parties involved at various times throughout the process. Clear agreements are made, the expectations of all parties are clarified, and the manner by which they will work together is outlined. We draw up an action plan setting out the agreements made, the work to be carried out, and the time schedule. This action plan is the basis for our work. Overall, our work progresses as follows:

  • Consultation with the pension fund to clarify the expectations of the parties.
  • Consultation with the advisory actuary about the delivery of documents.
  • Drawing up a plan of action.
  • Performing our audits.
  • Analysing and evaluating the control results.
  • Drawing up the report and the actuarial statement.
  • Evaluation of the certification process.

Price: the choice is yours

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge in certification, we can work with a high degree of efficiency. This enables us to charge a very competitive price for our services. Moreover, you have the choice of being invoiced on an hourly basis, or to agree, in advance, on a fixed price. We happily work along with you.

Deliverable: our reporting

We draw up the certification report on the basis of the inspections we have carried out and the results and conclusions arising from these inspections. This includes the following topics:

  • Description of the checks carried out
  • Adequacy of provisions
  • Assessment of financial position and structure
  • Technical analysis result by different sources
  • Developments and other relevant topics
  • Recommendations
  • Actuarial statement

Our added value

When you work with Triple A – Risk Finance Certification, you’re choosing for:

  • Professionals with a high degree of involvement and a proactive attitude.
  • Extensive experience in the field of certification.
  • Highest degree of knowledge and quality.
  • A very competitive price.
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