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As an insurer, you want better returns from your portfolio and you are looking beyond just the pricing. After all, competition in the insurance market is increasing, putting pressure on your premiums and profitability. Our claims management proposition is the perfect response to your need to innovate and will improve claim handling, acceptance and fraud detection.

Insurers are facing declining profitability. To turn the tide, you want to outsmart your competition. This means you want to improve your loss ratio and optimise and automate your processes as much as possible. The answers you are looking for are often hidden in your own organisation’s data.

Therefore, you need to know which internal data you already have available and also which external data is relevant. This way you can combine data from multiple perspectives: client, policy, object, and claim. Data Analytics brings out relevant insights that help you improve your profitability. However, many insurers do not have the necessary knowledge and experience in-house. That is why Triple A offers loss rate reduction as a practical claims management solution.

Claims management approach

We combine Advanced Analytics skills with in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, insurance products, and the underlying processes. We know which data perspectives, patterns, and solutions apply to you.

Our claims management proposition is based on the following step-by-step approach:

  • Data Maturity Scan. First, we analyse available internal and external data and its quality. The most important questions are: which characteristics are available from the data? What data links can we add to existing perspectives?
  • Use case identification and estimation of value potential. Based on your business issue, we determine several use cases. Based on this and the available data, we determine the value potential per use case and also the producibility per use case. The result is a prioritised list of achievable use cases.
  • Selection of analysis techniques and tooling. Based on the available data and the defined purpose and use cases, we determine the analytics strategy. Which techniques, models, and algorithms are we going to use to gain relevant insight from the data?
  • We then carry out the analyses and deliver the intended results.

Guaranteed value creation

Triple A links business objectives to Advanced Analytics solutions. The power of data and analytics is that it speeds up the generation of new and broader insight from much larger amounts of data. It also broadens the action repertoire for insurers. We work on the basis of a set goal to guarantee value creation in a defined time frame. Your results are a lower loss ratio, lower fraud rates, lower default rates and fewer wrongful benefits. Your claim processes will also become more efficient and client-friendly.

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