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Actuarial factors

Actuarial factors (or tariffs) play an essential role in various actuarial processes and applications. Triple A has the perfect software solution available for you to use and apply these factors as optimal as possible for your situation.

With the help of our actuarial factors software you are able to calculate actuarial rates for all common types of insurance and pension: (pure) endowments, annuities, survivors’ or orphans’ pensions, etc… Our software generates the right tariffs for you. You can easily select which factors are needed and which variations are needed (end ages or retirement ages, term or whole life, postponed or direct, determined or undetermined partner, etc.). The factors are available on a monthly basis and can be generated with flexible input (generated or delivered input tables by the user). In addition, it is possible to calculate cash flows based on your portfolio of insured members.

We offer this software in various forms:

  1. A handy and accessible Excel Add-In based on VBA;
  2. A standalone application based on a super-fast C# calculation core; or
  3. A modern Software-as-a-Service solution available through Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The software can be used or even integrated for various purposes:

  1. Creating factors for your actuarial department so that actuaries can use them for example for checks, annual reporting and other premium or reserve calculations;
  2. Integrating the factors software into your actuarial cash flow models so that the right tariffs are available in the model for projecting indexations, premiums and provisions;
  3. Linking the factors software to your administration package or other systems that use factors for various actuarial calculations.

We offer you efficient and fast factor software, scalable, linkable, with the possibility of customization for your situation and with the right support. If you are interested in this software, please contact our Actuarial Technology or Pensions teams for an exploratory conversation without any obligations.

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