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Contract negotiations

When your insurance contract expires, you end up at the negotiating table. First, a period of research, comparison, and advice helps determine which pension product is best suited to your business situation. And now you want certainty about quality and future-proofing. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the insurance and pension world, we strengthen your starting position in future contract negotiations.

This approach is inherent for us and you see this reflected in the way we support you in the contract negotiations for your pension product. We know the insurers, premium pension institutions (PPIs) and pension funds from the inside out. Our experts are fully committed to finding the desired product that lines up with your wishes and requirements. To do this, we combine solid product knowledge with demonstrable negotiation skills. We look closely at the quality of the service provider and the underlying connections. Negotiating a new pension contract is serious business that requires both expertise and focus.

Added value

Our main negotiating objective is to create added value for you. Qualitative factors play an important role in this. The product and the implementing body must match your company culture and objectives. In addition, it is our job to quantify the value of the product for you. We are, after all, actuaries.

We use our actuarial models, for example, to calculate the indexation potential of an average pay scheme and to calculate the expected pension result of a defined contribution scheme on the basis of no fewer than two thousand economic scenarios. Are you looking for the highest possible expected pension result, is it a stable result or is the downside risk the determining factor? We provide a clear picture of the perspectives.

Clear agreements on results

Our calculation also includes aspects like investment policy (for example, sustainability and diversification) and communication. We make clear agreements with you in advance about the criteria of the selection process. We actively involve you as a client in every step we take; this is characteristic of our working method.

The choice for a new product or a new supplier means the end for the old product. But what are the financial risks of this old contract? Does it make sense to opt for a collective value transfer? Can the risks be bought off? Is it possible to leave the old scheme IFRS-proof with the former employer? These types of questions are included in our advice process. After all, without the past there is no future.

The Works Council has the right to require its approval, and so we involve your Works Council at the earliest possible stage in the selection process. Experience has shown that this benefits the quality and speed of decision-making. We are ready to advise, inspire and assist you, and we do this with a good deal of common sense.

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