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Continuous Improvement Data Driven

Competition in financial services has increased sharply, putting pressure on your business operations. On the one hand, you need to save costs due to the pressure on premiums. On the other hand, you need to offer a better service to distinguish yourself as an insurer. Our Data Driven Continuous Improvement proposition helps you to make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights. This allows you to optimise and organise all processes in your value chain more efficiently.

The Customer Journey describes all contact moments between the customer and your company. By identifying and resolving bottlenecks, you can achieve concrete improvements. Reducing waiting times and reducing waste are just two of these. Our proposition focuses on optimising the Customer Journey in all facets, including verifying the effectiveness of process changes, applying best practices, defining KPIs, checking outsourced processes, ensuring compliance with procedures and improving auditing. The replacement of legacy systems is also regularly discussed.

Continuous Improvement Data Driven Methodology

Our proposition starts with the design of the process model.

Firstly, we deliver a data model, process information and a process model in a process-mining tool.

Secondly, we carry out a qualitative Value Scan in which we estimate the process maturity. In this way we clearly map out the potential for improvement.

Thirdly, we carry out the quantitative Value Scan. We look for the bottlenecks and underlying causes by comparing the performance of business units, account managers and products. The result is an overview of use cases and findings.

Lastly, we then draw up an improvement plan and implement it for you. Measuring the effects of the improvements completes the cycle and the next iteration can take place.

Factual basis for improvement

Your business is always top priority for us. That is why we work from a set goal so that we can guarantee value creation in a defined timeframe. We combine Advanced Analytics skills with in-depth domain knowledge of the insurance market. Your results form a factual basis for strategic decisions, insight into the effects of cost savings, more efficient customer processes, and clear improvement potential.


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