Services Risk & Strategy Consulting for pension funds and insurers

Risk & Strategy Consulting for pension funds and insurers

The risk profile of your organisation, financial obligations, and transactions is complex. You deal with the risks of specific insurance or banking products, but also with reputational and compliance risks. Furthermore, laws and regulations, business process digitalization, and Big Data storage and application each bring their own challenges. Does your organisation’s risk profile match your strategic goals? Our Risk & Strategy Consultants guarantee an expert, independent assessment linked to realistic, applicable advice they’ll help put into practice for you

Triple A’s Risk & Strategy Consulting (RSC) focuses on uniting risk management, capital management, and strategy. Pension funds, insurers, and banks use our advisory services to optimally align risk management with strategic objectives.

Every choice has an impact

Every choice you make affects a range of factors that determine the success and continuity of your organisation. The drive to seize opportunities, which is inherent in entrepreneurship, is no longer the most important factor. An understanding of a wide range of financial, operational, social and political risks is the new standard. The crucial question is: how do our risks relate to our strategic objectives?

The potential impact of subprime mortgages, risky loans, and unfathomable insurance products is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Tightly held reins and enhanced surveillance should prevent a repeat of the economic crisis. The consequences for your organisation are significant. Risk management, in line with the strategic frameworks, has become a core discipline.

Analysis and insight as a basis for a sustainable strategy

Effective risk management starts with insight, calculations, and analysis. Our risk professionals and advanced tools help you understand the relationship between risks, which allows you to test them against your policy and risk appetite. Our analysis leads to well-founded recommendations and practical options for a sustainable strategy.

How do you remain profitable in the long term? How does your risk and capital position compare to the competition? And, how do you prepare for market changes and new requirements for solvency, reporting, and corporate governance? For opportunities and risks, questions and challenges. Using best practices in the dynamic pension, insurance, and banking world as guiding principles, our Risk & Strategy Consultants will work with you to find pragmatic answers

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Our solutions for Risk & Strategy Consulting for pension funds and insurers

ORSA Tooling

ORSA provides the insurer and its shareholders insight into the relationship between strategy, material risks, and the possible consequences for the financial position. The right tooling ensures an efficient and adequate assessment.

ORSA Advice

A good Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA) process provides insight into the feasibility of your strategy and the impact on your financial results and capital position. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your risk profile.
IORP II Risk Governance Scan voor pensioenfondsen - Triple A

IORP II Risk Governance Scan

Competition in the insurance market has increased sharply, putting necessary pressure on your business operations. You need to save costs because of the pressure on premiums.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) study

Defining and underpinning long-term policy requires an overall consideration of policy instruments and the impact of choices on risks and returns. An ALM study provides a solid foundation for this.
Actuariële certificering en rapportage aan pensioenfonds

Risk Monitor for insurers

As part of the enhanced supervision of insurers' risk profiles and solvency positions, risk reports are mandatory. Triple A's interactive online Risk Monitor allows you to turn this obligation into an advantage.
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