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The Actuarial Technology team of Triple A is the perfect partner for financial service providers who want to benefit from the latest technologies and IT methodologies. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the pension and insurance sector with excellent IT skills and practices. With this unique combination, we can offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet your needs.



Our consultants have both domain knowledge and expertise in all commonly used programming languages and actuarial software packages. We work flexibly and results-oriented through agile scrum techniques and a tight development process. We help you as a financial service provider with the further digitization and automation of your (complex) financial and actuarial processes. We do this by realizing customized solutions, in many cases using our generic base modules.

We believe in generic, scalable, modularly designed models and reporting processes. Moreover, we are convinced that our automated approach to testing, integrating, and delivering new functionalities (CI/CD) increases the speed and reliability of the development process. In this way, our team can focus on creating innovative software that can take your business to the next level.

Our consultants understand the complex calculations needed for your financial and actuarial processes and also have the IT knowledge to set them up robustly and efficiently, often parallelized and in the cloud. This can lead to lower costs and faster implementation of solutions, allowing you to focus on the core activities of your business.

You can come to us for, among other things:

  • Our generic SaaS solutions for URM, the pricing of various pension and insurance products, pension transition, ALM, actuarial factors, and WIA cash flow projections
  • The development of new models (on-premise, SaaS, or hybrid SaaS)
  • The development of end-to-end reporting processes
  • Merging existing models
  • Model Quick Scan of your current process with a corresponding improvement plan
  • Software selection and technical conversions for software changes
  • Process optimization
  • Software courses
  • Transition to the cloud, parallelization, application of Azure Functions, automated testing, deployment pipelines

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your financial services? Contact us today for a non-binding introductory meeting. We are ready to help you with the further digitization and automation of your processes!

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