Solutions Change-over to a defined contribution scheme

Change-over to a defined contribution scheme

By switching from an average pay scheme to a defined contribution scheme, you keep the pension costs manageable and affordable. With a professional and systematic approach, the transition can be completed within the foreseeable future. This is clear from the pension advisory practice of Triple A – Benefits Consulting. Based on our knowledge of the pension landscape, we are happy to show you the various options and support you in the implementation.

If you switch to a defined contribution (DC) scheme, you optimise the financial feasibility of your pension scheme. You use the contributions more efficiently, in order to achieve a higher expected pension result. In addition, you can respond more flexibly to the risk profile of individual employees. Because the pension risk is transferred to your employees, communication during the transition process requires maximum attention. The biggest challenges are finding support and creating a scheme that contributes to attractive, competitive employment terms.

Knowledge sharing and connection

First the Works Council (OR) plans an expert inventory of your desires and requirements along with the possible scenarios and the perception of your employees. Then a task force is created, and on the basis of clear objectives, works together towards the desired result. The Triple A experts have the required detailed knowledge and contribute to the connection between the various parties through their independent analyses.

Fast, efficient and result-oriented

Time and again, Triple A – Benefits Consulting proves its worth as a knowledgeable and neutral advisor to a wide range of employers. If desired, we will present you with cases that show that our approach offers unique guarantees for working together quickly towards the desired result. For example, to everyone’s satisfaction, we could complete the transition process for a medium-sized organisation in the travel sector within three months. The success factors are: knowledge transfer, creating consensus with objective facts and figures, and focusing together on one scenario. One client’s verdict: “Triple A completed within three months what our previous consultant failed to do in three years.”

In many ways, switching to a defined contribution scheme is worthwhile and can be implemented in a short span of time. Triple A will show you the different options and benefits and will support you with independent realistic advice and with the project implementation. We have a thorough understanding of pension solutions, develop a complete picture of your organisation and increase your bargaining power. Together with you, we work with a clear schedule and according to budget towards a future-proof pension scheme that entails no cost increases and is fully transparent for your employees.

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