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Our team

A number of our colleagues introducing themselves:

Some other Triple A colleagues in the picture:

  • Tom Veerman Managing Consultant
  • Ridzert van der Zee Managing Consultant
  • Ronald Hamaker Senior Risk & Strategy Consultant
  • Sanne van Helvert Risk Consultant
  • Tim Delen Senior Risk Consultant
  • Jan Tol Managing Consultant
  • Frank van Houdt Managing Consultant
  • Terri Bosga Management Assistant
  • Roel van Besouw Managing Partner
  • Jasper Hoogenstraaten Managing Consultant
  • Marten de Boer Senior Risk Consultant
  • Pieter Heesterbeek Senior Risk Consultant
  • Jeroen Veenstra Senior Risk Consultant
  • Thijs van Tol Senior Architect Big Data & Innovation
  • Milosz Krasowski Risk Consultant
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