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As an employer, you share responsibility for the social insurance benefits agreed upon for everyone in the Netherlands. Obligations such as continued payment for absenteeism due to illness and sanctions in the event of an inability to work can have major consequences. You are also partially responsible for the pension accrual of your employees. Your social insurance and pension obligations cost a lot of money. Moreover, changes in legislation and regulations are the rule rather than the exception. Triple A has an intimate knowledge of the market for social insurance and pensions and this provides a basis for the development and implementation of future-proof policy.

Social insurance obligations are part of being an employer. While you don’t want to shirk that responsibility, you do want to make decisions that benefit both the interests of your company and your employees. Based on our professional knowledge, practical experience and actuarial background, we will provide you with tools for a balanced policy.

Social insurance

The gradual increase in the legal retirement age means that employees remain active for longer. This presents you with the challenge of keeping your staff continually employable. In addition, you will need to take a more critical look at the financial risks associated with, for example, the Sickness Benefits Act and your reintegration obligations.

Better risk control, lower costs

As an employer, you benefit from optimal insight. We objectively assess your existing employer obligations and risks and examine your policy to determine what you need and what is possible. We can then advise you on better risk management and any possible cost savings. You can choose from a wide range of social insurance-related services, including:

  • Actuarial analyses in the field of the Sickness Benefits Act and Work Resumption Scheme for Partially Disabled (“Werkhervatting Gedeeltelijk Arbeidsgeschikten” – WGA) inflow risks (Sickness Benefits Act and WGA scan)
  • Actuarial insights and calculations in income insurance (Labour Capacity Act (“Wet Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen” – WIA) scan)
  • Support for decision-making processes for the risk-bearing capacity in relation to the Sickness Benefits Act and the WGA (actuarial analysis and supervision of tender processes)
  • Implementation of risk management for absenteeism and occupational disability with the support of calculation tools and dashboards
  • Advice on policy, absenteeism protocols and processes, the Sickness Benefits Act and the WIA
  • Advice on an integrated approach to pensions and social insurance
  • Guidance and implementation of transitions
  • Knowledge sessions, policy review, and second opinion


We are living in a time of permanent change, and pensions are no exception. Therefore, you must expect this with your provisions. This means, for example, considering the lives of your employees or the trend towards other employment types. It could also mean tailoring pension agreements to your reputation as an employer or the affordability of the agreement. If adjustments are required or necessary, you want to know precisely what the financial consequences will be – for you and your employees. We will provide you with customised advice, based on a thorough analysis.

Independent insight into pension options

Our Benefits Consultants will closely examine your existing pension agreements. You will receive a clear report as a guideline for sustainable decisions. If you would like to make new pension agreements based on the options offered, we will also partner with you for the negotiations, if you so wish. You can rely on:

  • In-depth knowledge of pensions and risk management
  • Independent selection of providers based on your organisational profile
  • Expert and discrete contribution to pension negotiations

Your employer responsibility for social insurance and pension accrual forms a complex mix of options, obligations, and financial risks. You therefore need to make decisions that are accountable and have a fixed value for a long time to come. Discuss your ambitions and challenges with our specialists.

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