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Your employees are your capital, and you are careful about that. You offer them a competitive salary, various benefits, and a flexible pension scheme. In addition, there are far-reaching employer obligations in the area of social insurance. This also involves costs that are not always easy to control. Continued payments in the event of illness and penalties for incapacity for work can be heavy. Do you have optimal insight into the costs and risks? Are there opportunities for improvement? You don’t have to do it all alone.

You take responsibility as an employer and are happy to honour your commitments to your employees, during their working life, ‘for better or for worse’, and after retirement. But are your commitments affordable now and in the long run? Are risks associated with absenteeism due to illness and reintegration obligations covered responsibly? How do you convince the Works Council of rate changes and how do you ensure that your absenteeism and pension strategies are in line with current legislation and regulations? How do you increase your employees’ awareness about the risks of death, disability, and old age? And how do you ensure that they think more about their future?

Integral advice

Social insurance and pension issues are extremely complex. At Triple A – Risk Benefits Consulting you’ll find advisors with demonstrable knowledge of both playing fields, which has real benefits. Our consultants are comfortable in all relevant issues and dilemmas you, as an employer, HRM professional or Finance professional, may encounter in the area of social insurance and pensions. The advantage for you is obvious:

  • Detailed knowledge of all aspects of social insurance and pensions
  • Objective insight into all costs, risks, and compatibility with legislation and regulations
  • Integrated advice with concrete proposals for improvement
  • Pragmatic support for implementing new agreements and procedures. This support is independent and, if required, additional to your existing advisors.

Tools for optimal management of employer risks

The rules and laws covering the social insurance of your employees are complex and frequently change. As an employer, you run significant financial risks associated with absenteeism due to illness, compulsory reintegration efforts and required reporting procedures. We provide you with tools that give you maximum control over your employer risks based on a company-specific cost and risk analysis,

Objective data and calculations for responsible pension choices

If your employees’ pension provision is not linked to your industry’s pension fund, you face important choices. The significance of individual pension agreements in the total employment conditions package increases as the labour market becomes tighter. The Works Council finds the same and the employees themselves take on more responsibility. Key to sustainable policy is specialised knowledge of the pension world and current legislation and regulations. This knowledge is anchored in our organisation.

From advice to implementation

Our actuaries, risk managers, and Big Data experts work closely together in multidisciplinary teams. Our analysis sheds light on both the details and the bigger picture. When it comes to your obligations and risks related to social insurance and pension agreements, our specialists are at your service. Do you want to increase your employees’ awareness and knowledge regarding pension choices? Take advantage of our experience in specialised training and education.

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