Our risk professionals, actuaries, and data scientists offer strategic advice, effectively implemented.

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Vision and implementation

Strategic advice of the highest level and implementation. We work from the basis of result-based agreements.


You will find actuaries, risk professionals, and data scientists working with us. We prefer to work in multidisciplinary teams with our clients.


Your concerns form the core of what we do. We provide consultancy, interim management, customisation and tooling, all tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Current topics

Responding to the latest developments in the sector with new insights and a clear vision.


European directive to harmonise pension funds supervision.


Uniform calculation method for pension administrators.


The new standard for insurer’s valuation policies.

Our clients

See below for some of the great brands with whom we work:

Author: Twan Possen

Sustainability & ORSA

The presentation slides “Sustainability: Explanation of EIOPA’s latest advice and practical guide to integrating transition risks into ORSA and investment decision-making” are not only of interest to our Luxembourg colleagues. Download them here!

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Author: Ridzert van der Zee

SDG Integrated Investing

Stakeholders of financial institutions demand that the objectives of SDG are an integral part of the product. Triple A – Risk Finance, Innorbis and LINKS Analytics developed a model to apply SDG integrally in the investment cycle.

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Author: Pieter Marres

Chaining in Python and R

Chaining is a powerful construct supported both by Python and R. Feel free to try it yourself, code and data can be found here.

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