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UCM Uniform calculation method for pension administrators.

Beginning in 2019 pension administrators will be obliged to apply the Uniform Calculation Method (Uniforme Rekenmethodiek – URM) in their communication about the forecast pension. This results directly from the Pension Communication Act, which came into force in 2015. The calculation method provides participants with insight into their purchasing power and the risks associated with their pension accrual.

The purpose of the Dutch Pension Communication Act is to provide a better, more realistic insight into pension results. With the introduction of the law, significant improvements were realised, but the final step has yet to be taken. As of 2019, pension amounts must be communicated in three scenarios. This enables members to make a better estimate of their pension in order to draw up a workable financial plan for themselves. Participants in several pension funds will also have a better overall view because all pension administrators will use the same calculation method.

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Necessary transitions require new, smart and efficient calculation tools. Triple A develops and shares them.

Solution Uniform Calculation Method (URM) Introduction

Your URM challenge is solved with an application that allows you to quickly and accurately perform the prescribed calculations and then derive the three amounts for all your participants.

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Three scenario’s

In the current situation pension members can only find the forecast pension amount on the Uniform Pension Statement (Uniform Pensioenoverzicht – UPO) and In many cases, however, it is not clearly stated that the final amount is uncertain. However, placing the pension amount in the context of three scenarios will clarify this. Participants can now base their expectations and financial planning on:

  • An optimistic scenario
  • A pessimistic scenario
  • The expected scenario

This new method of communication is in line with the revised European Pension Fund Directive (IORP).

Navigation metaphor

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has developed a navigation metaphor as a basis for the various scenarios. This clarifies what a participant has built up to date and what their final result will be. The assumption is that the same job will be maintained under three different economic climatic conditions. The scenario amounts are shown in euros and can be directly compared with the participant’s existing salary.

Your challenges

By the start of 2019, pension administrators must have adjusted their calculations in the UPO and on The transition to the new situation includes an expansion of the data set for the Pension Register, resulting in two thousand project calculations that will have to be carried out for each participant. This will require a great deal of processing capacity. Further, it also makes sense to use URM calculations for the pension statements on the pension administrator’s own portal.

Two thousand economic scenarios

In order to be able to use the URM, the DNB publishes two thousand economic scenarios. An exact calculation shall be made for the defined contribution schemes. For benefit agreements, a simplified calculation method may be used. Pension administrators can opt for a method developed by DNB, or for the method created by the pension sector itself. The latter is simpler to carry out.

Our specialists will happily help you with our self-developed URM application and with the efficient design of your URM processes. Curious? To give you an initial impression, we have prepared a demo environment for you, which you can look at in our URM application.

urm demoscreenDemoUniform Calculation Method (URM) applicationLook at our demo environment

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