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The Triple A Modelling Team bridges the gap between actuarial and IT and brings your model environment up-to-date with the latest technological developments. This will speed up your critical reporting processes and prevent operational errors, to strengthen your strategic focus on value realisation and efficiency. Triple A is a driven specialist in the development and implementation of actuarial models that meet your needs, specific processes, and result expectations.

If we look at the model developments at leading insurers, banks, and pension funds, we see:

  • Measurable efficiency improvements and cost savings;
  • Consolidation of old labels and adaptation of new initiatives;
  • Process improvement and acceleration;
  • Widening and further detailing of analysis possibilities;
  • Alignment with requirements arising from new legislation.

The Triple A modelling team will help you create a model environment that will enable you to adapt these changes quickly and flexibly in your organisation.

Multi-purpose Modelling Team

Modelling is an integral part of the regular actuarial consultancy activities within all Triple A services. We have bundled our existing knowledge into a specialised Modelling Team. Actuaries who understand IT developments work within this team. They are versatile with:

  • Development of new models;
  • Merging models and building generic models for multiple portfolios;
  • Software selection and model conversion in cases of software change;
  • Development and application of stochastic models in conjunction with cloud solutions;
  • Execution of pre-validations and model analyses;
  • Process optimisation;
  • Education, courses, knowledge transfer;
  • Model Quick Scans with subsequent advice.

Faster reporting

The models we develop for our clients meet the internal need for faster reporting and the possibility of investing more time in the analysis. Deadlines for the periodic reports associated with the Solvency II/DNB requirements and the IFRS are more achievable, without compromising on the accuracy of the analysis. You minimise manual actions, shorten turnaround times and increase performance.

The increasing speed with which changes in your domain occur requires a model environment that is agile and adaptable. Our in-house developed and implemented models meet these requirements thanks to features such as:

  • Strong, scalable database centre;
  • Scalable cash flow model;
  • Business Intelligence Tooling for efficient analysis and reporting;
  • Workflow Manager to manage and control the process;
  • Full compliance (with internal and external regulations);
  • Tailored to agile performance, interaction between multidisciplinary teams, short cycles, and visualisable results.


We offer strategic and operational support in the form of either ad hoc project support or within a structural partnership. We are happy to work with you and, if desired, we can carry out all the modelling activities for you. These are always in line with current IT developments. Our Modelling Team helps you to take your model environment to a higher level with the design of your own model environment. We always take the following seven components into account:

  • Strategy: integration with strategic objectives;
  • Process: coordination of or full implementation of (main) processes and process control;
  • Culture: advice and assistance with change processes;
  • Organisation: organisational structure, knowledge management, Training & Mentoring on the job;
  • IT/Systems: integration of systems, IT architecture and support tools;
  • Governance: review of processes and methodologies;
  • Program and Project Management: coordination and orchestration of model implementations and sub-projects.

The models we develop with you are heavily documented and tested. Our solutions are compatible with all relevant software applications. We use our knowledge to help you create a flexible model environment so you can respond quickly and appropriately to the dynamics of your market and changing legislation and regulations.

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