Actuarial certification and actuarial report pension fund

We are also able to assist pension funds with high-quality and cost-conscious actuarial certification.  The Pensions Act stipulates that the actuary certifying the actuarial report must be completely independent of the pension fund.

At Triple A – Risk Finance Certification is more than the mere furnishing of an Actuarial Statement. We assess the financial structure of your fund and the degree to which the premium paid achieves break-even.  In doing so we apply the policy framework defined in the Actuarial and Technical Business Reports Decree and, if applicable, the insurance contract. In addition to the Actuarial Statement, a report is drawn up by the Certifying Actuary which describes our findings in detail.

Timetable for certification process

We believe in making clear agreements. That is why we have drawn up a clear timetable for the certification process in which the activities and related timing for all parties involved are set out in detail. Our approach is characterized by clear communication. We consult regularly with you to keep you informed of the progress of our activities.


You decide on how you wish us to invoice our services: would you like us to invoice you on basis of hourly rates or would you prefer that we quote a fixed fee in advance?  If desired, we will gladly provide our input. Our extensive experience and expertise in the field of certification allows us to work very efficiently, which means that we are able to offer our services at cost-effective rates. 


If you wish to receive further information on the services we provide, please contact Pieter Heesterbeek at Pieter.Heesterbeek@aaa-riskfinance.nl or at +31 (0)20 707 36 40