Year-end assistance

The first six months of the year are a busy period for pension providers: the year-end period. You have prepared a strict timetable to ensure the year-end process proceeds smoothly. However, there is little room for unforeseen activities because of strict deadlines and work pressure.

You seek assistance from a party that can help you with the administration of the year-end report. Perhaps for the whole year-end period or perhaps only as back-up.

Triple A – Risk Finance is your solution. With extensive experience in the field of actuarial services, Triple A – Risk Finance is your partner in outsourcing. Our employees are actuarial and econometric specialists with great affinity for pension and insurance products. We have a broad outsourcing portfolio both in terms of scope and level of knowledge which means we can ensure you have the right person at the right time.

On your behalf we can:

  • Determine the provision for pension liabilities at market value
  • Determine the actual contribution, smoothed contribution and cost-effective contribution.
  • Draw up a report on the movements in the provision for pension commitments during the financial year broken down into the components referred to in the actuarial statement (contribution, benefits, interest, movement, mortality etc.)
  • Draw up a technical analysis (profit attribution analysis)
  • Determine the Minimum Capital Requirement
  • Determine the Capital Requirement
  • Draw up the financial reports J.601 through J.605
  • Produce an Internal Actuarial Report