Tools and models

Our services are supported by various tools and models. They are designed so that both the legislative requirements and the requisite management and control information can be derived from them.

Examples of our models include:

  • SCR tools with which the required solvency can be determined on Solvency II bases (SCR and MCR)
  • ORSA tools with which the future forecasts of the solvency position on Solvency II basis can be established
  • ALM models with which the impact of various alternative investment portfolios mixes can be made transparent
  • Risk monitoring models with which the risk profile of investment portfolios are periodically made transparent and compared with internal standards and risk appetite
  • Reserve models with which the market value provisions can be determined


If you wish to receive further information on the services we provide, please contact us at or at +31 (0)20 707 36 40