Risk Monitor

Over the past years the financial markets have seen wide swings which considerably impacted the financial position of many pension funds making it difficult for pension plan managers to determine exactly where the volatility arose. To maintain a grip on the fund's financial position it is vital to pinpoint the cause of the volatility of the funding ratio and intervene if necessary.

Triple A – Risk Finance has developed the Risk Monitor which offers fund managers insight into the fund's financial position on a day-to-day basis. This tool periodically provides you with information on the relevant market developments, such as the nominal and real funding ratio, the interest rate level, inflation, and the volatility on the share and bond markets etc. If required, your own fund-specific features can also be included. All information is bundled in an easy-to-understand memorandum clarifying the fund's position so that you know exactly how to intervene to correct the situation if necessary.




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