Triple A – Risk Finance Certification means the review of the provision on accuracy and adequacy, analysis of the technical results, furnishing an Actuarial Statement, assessment of the financial position of the insurance company and reviewing the financial reports for the Dutch Central Bank. In addition to the Actuarial Statement, the Certifying Actuary will draw up a report which sets out our findings in detail.

We place great value on the quality of the insurance company’s internal risk management system. The effectiveness of the internal audits and processes determines at which level we will perform our audits. If required we can assist with optimizing the internal audits and processes with a view to limiting our future input.

Our approach is characterized by clear communication, with all parties involved. Clear agreements are our guiding principle and expectations must be understood by all parties. The agreements made, the activities to be performed and the timeframe are recorded in detail in a Plan of Action.


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