Pension-training programme

A consequence of the anticipated changes in the pension contract is that employees will acquire more responsibility for their pensions. This is taking place at a time in which pensions are not yet considered as one of the most important employee benefits. Not only will your employees therefore have to take an in-depth look at their own pension future, employers will also be ascribed an important role in this 'pension awareness process'; they will help employees make the right pension choices. You will be given the opportunity to favourably profile one of your most valuable benefits.

Triple A – Risk Finance has developed a pension-training programme that will provide you and/or your HR organisation with the pension skills necessary to:

  • support and advise your employees on pensions;
  • be a seasoned sparring partner in and outside the company

The line of approach used in our pension-training programme is the 'pension triangle': the relationship between employer, employee and pension provider. On basis of this framework we discuss and study the various aspects of the pension commitment tailored to your organisation.