The government has entered into a 'pension agreement' with the Dutch Labour Foundation. This agreement outlines pension-related matters such as:

  • how the state pension is linked to greater longevity
  • a framework for a sustainable and shock-resistant supplementary pension including a new and amended assessment framework.

Reform without pension agreement!
The pension agreement has given rise to much comment and how the final agreement will be actually structured is still unclear. Both the government and the unions are currently consulting with their supporters and members. And as we see and read daily in the media, it is not all plain sailing.  Of note in this respect is that the discussion seems to cover only pension fund members. The pension agreement will, however, affect all pension plans; also the plans placed with insurance companies. These plans must at the very least include pension accrual on basis of a pensionable age of 66 years with effect from 1 January 2013.

So it's time to reform the pension and it is imperative that you as employer are aware of how the amendment will impact your organisation. How will it affect your business operations, competitors and employees?  We understand that you need answers to questions such as:

  • how will the changes affect my pension costs on the one hand; and the pension outcome for my employees on the other hand?
  • how can or must I respond, what are the consequences hereof and what are comparable businesses doing?

Triple A – Risk Finance will gladly help you answer these questions. Working together we will set out a manageable and structured process enabling you to achieve the best possible pension policy for your organisation. We will provide you with insight into the anticipated consequences, and the possibilities afforded you by the pension agreement in relation to your pension costs, commitments and administration.  You will be able to anticipate future developments and prevent surprises.