Contract negotiations

Pension providers are currently eager to secure new pension contracts. A pension-fund comparison combined with contract negotiations will ensure not only that the insurance company best suited to you is selected on basis of thorough and objective research, but also that  considerable savings can often be achieved.

Triple A – Risk Finance will gladly assist you with this complex process, which could have far-reaching consequences on the pension administration and on the pension commitment. We are considerably experienced in negotiating contracts with insurance companies, and in buy-out valuations. We have sat on both sides of the table for contract negotiations as well as valuations. We have negotiated with insurance companies and have analysed the offers made on behalf of pension funds and employees. On the other hand we have also priced tenders on behalf of insurance companies.

Drafting requirements

In the process of realizing a new contract it is crucial to us and to you that we know exactly which matters are important and which are less important. We determine this on the basis of a comprehensive overview of ‘Requirements and Wishes'. Requirements are the preconditions you deem necessary and essential (need to have); Wishes are the additional preconditions (nice to have). Working with you we link the performance indicators to the wishes. We use these performance indicators to weigh up the matters you find less important in the final assessment of the insurance companies.

How we work:

  • A clear review and communication plan is fundamental to coordinate all goals so that can we work together in the most efficient manner.
  • To ensure that we are all aware of our roles and responsibilities, we jointly draft a project plan and establish the requirements for each stage of the project;
  • We work closely with you and are proactive in the sharing of information for improvement, trends, best practice and practical short cuts.