The question: “what is a typical working day for a consultant in the business line Pensions?” is difficult to answer unambiguously, as we perform different roles for different clients. In order to give an overview nonetheless, we first take a look at some clients of Triple A. Our clients include employers, pension funds and pension administrators.



Within the business line Insurance we offer services to a wide range of insurers from big multinationals up to small mutual insurers in the areas of Life, Non Life and Health. All insurers face varying challenges, but a common denominator is the impending introduction of Solvency II regulations. Below we outline what issues are currently ‘hot’ for insurers and in what areas we provide support and advice.


Risk & Strategy Consulting

Within the business line Risk & Strategy Consulting (RSC) we advise companies throughout the entire pensions and insurance sector in the area of risk management and strategy. Our mission is to help our clients in translating the complex reality – through profound  knowledge, broad experience and financial models – into clear advise,  enabling them to take risks in a controlled and conscious manner in pursuit of their strategic objectives. Although the emphasis is on risk management advice, we closely cooperate with the business lines Pensions and Insurance where extensive actuarial knowledge on  these topics is available. Together we can support clients on a wide range of topics, including actuarial,  risk management and strategy.