Press Release Redmore Group

Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance join forces by establishing Redmore Group
New Group offers solid basis for future ambitions

Leusden/Amsterdam, Monday 15 December 2014

By establishing the Redmore Group, Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance officially join forces today. Both parties are active in the banking/insurance industry and the pension sector and offer actuarial services to many large financial institutions. Since last spring, they have been discussing the possibilities of cooperation. By joining up, Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance want to respond to the developments and needs of the financial market.

With the combination of Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance, the Redmore Group is ideally placed to meet the demand for comprehensive solutions. Technological developments combined with a stronger need for the services of pragmatic specialists and the increasingly more independent consumer call for structural changes. Rob Kluyt, CEO of Redmore Group: “The Redmore Group originated from the market demand for result-oriented, smarter solutions that contribute to efficient operations. Thanks to the combination of our people and consultancy solutions, we can provide the financial sector and large companies with a wide range of support.”

According to Roel van Besouw, Managing Partner of Triple A – Risk Finance, the best of both worlds is combined in the Redmore Group. “On the one hand, we retain our unique position in the market as Triple A. On the other hand, the cooperation offers great opportunities to provide innovative integral solutions for all financial institutions in the Netherlands with Talent&Pro.”

Synergy with new division

Under the flag of the Redmore Group, Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance will establish a new division in early 2015. This new division reflects the synergy between both parties and will provide joint propositions for software, business IT, outsourcing and consultancy, for instance. Using this approach, the two companies will join their specific expertise and technical capabilities.

Specific company profiles retained

Talent&Pro and Triple A – Risk Finance will operate as independent organisations with their own brand name, their own offices and their own (marketing) activities under Redmore Group’s wing.

About Talent&Pro

Talent&Pro is the market-leading partner in the fields of secondment, projects and consultancy in financial services in the Netherlands. Talent&Pro has been active for 15 years in the banking and insurance industry and providing various actuarial services. More than 700 experts in operational and strategic positions in these sectors are highly educated top talents and professionals. Actively contributing to optimize business operations and working processes, they also have a major influence on the results of financial service providers. Talent&Pro works for all large financial institutions in the Netherlands.

About Triple A – Risk Finance

Triple A – Risk Finance is an independent and innovative consultancy firm that is specialized in a wide range of actuarial services and risk management. Triple A – Risk Finance provides solutions on a project basis as well as tailor-made advisory services to insurance companies, pension administrators and other financial institutions and companies with pension queries. The services provided by Triple A – Risk Finance stand out for their high quality, combined with a flexible and practical approach. Triple A – Risk Finance staffs about 70 consultants, comprising actuaries and risk managers.